söndag 31 augusti 2014


 I saw his face in yours when you smiled. The same crinkles around the eyes, the same jawline. His face made me stop that night - as you held onto my hand with stars in your eyes under the streetlight. After some time you gained your own proportions. Your own persona. Then you decided to try to break me down into tiny, little pieces.

But mon cheri, I don't learn my lessons twice.

Tarra Layne – Paris

Mister Business

You teach me that life is change and that growth is optional. You look at me and I don't melt, but my heart softens and I think your mind goes a bit quiet when you're snuggled up on the kitchen chair in my tiny flat. You fit here, strangely enough. Despite your size you don't take up too much room. We both let go of some of our fears and even though our doors are almost closed we leave a crack open for the other to enter.

We're meant to stay here a bit longer.

Tove Lo – Stay High - Habits Remix

fredag 1 augusti 2014


We shared a heartbeat and then it passed. We shared a moment, a thought, a revelation, a colour - and it spun us out of control. We lost ourselves by a riverbank and I woke up three weeks later, reality dealing me a striking blow across the chin.

"Wake up, chica!"

The world went silent.

We shared forever and a second. I found only emptiness.

The Electric Hearts – Machine

söndag 27 juli 2014


You keep me busy. You keep my mind working and my hands idle. Under your gaze I am golden and full of sparkle and spice. In your hands I stop spinning relentlessly and travel far beyond my wildest dreams. You are enough. You are challenging and your mind is wide. You are beauty and wreckage and conflicting truths and excitement. The problem is you have to come in two's.  

He made sure of that before he left.

The Verve – Lucky Man - 2004 - Remaster

fredag 25 juli 2014


You shake me up, you shake me over, under, straightforward and back all over again. You look at me with eyes made of hot cocoa, and the heartbreaks that preceded you simply melt away. Those words and poems and moments and heartbeats-- they are tucked away safely into another pocket of time now. And I'm not afraid. Of the pain and sorrow and breakage we might cause. Of all the uncertainties and doubts and lifetimes that might follow. Cause I don't know this path, this road is elusive; but I'll keep walking as long as you're next to me.

No fear, baby.

Sam Smith – Stay With Me

onsdag 23 juli 2014

On the surface

We share very little. Inhabiting different worlds and living diametrically opposite lives. On the surface you swing through London with the city skyline at your feet, notes and celebrities in your hands and a family fortune that will always keep you safe. I write a million words to feel alive and take the road less traveled just because I can, just because the next corner might change the outline of my life again. You watch me with stars in your eyes as I move and you say: "I've written you a song - it's like nothing you ever heard before." In my tiny kitchen, your wonder flipping me upside down: "Nina, sometimes when I look at you it's like I'm being struck by a beam of light."

And I think that whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine might be the same...

Charles Aznavour – La bohème

onsdag 16 juli 2014


I feel myself grow underneath your hands and you're not afraid, never afraid of what I can be. All we have is today. All that's ours is this night, in this house - on the verge of a city that is slowly becoming mine. All we have are these notes; this moment when we exist, quite simply - on a couch somewhere in England. Far away from all that is known, but yet, so very at home.

In a space between two beating hearts.

Giovanni Allevi – Aria - live

söndag 6 juli 2014


Some notes take you back. To a city so full of beauty, (the graceful ice queen of the Nordics); to nights, endless insomniac nights when life was so heavy it hurt to breathe without you. We walked the same streets still and you were everywhere, but I was invisible. And I prepared teacup after teacup of liquid I didn't end up drinking, I fried eggs and tomatoes that turned to ash in my mouth, I stared at the skyline - steeped in blood, thinking that I could never let go of all those words and sentences that shaped us. The notes don't hurt me anymore, darling.

But they are still yours...

Southern Shores – Grande Comore

London Boy

He says: I've been so happy since I met you.
He says: It scares me.
He says: Are you sure you're ready?

And I stutter. And I am filled with wonder and doubt. Because things are happening so fast now. I see no limits, only a blue endless sky and I'm shooting right up into it like a firecracker. There is no time (not ever) to look back. No space for slow. For too many thoughts. This is the time for decisions (without all the information accessible). This is the time for leaps of faith and trust and stepping of that ledge...

Thank you for being so very brave. Thank you for seeing all the beauty and color and all those little things we always try hide between the lines.

Let's fly now.

Joss Stone – Newborn

lördag 5 juli 2014


We are so very scared of anything ending. But in order to begin again, change and grow - things must come to an end, shaping a brand new beginning.

 The Naked And Famous – Young Blood