onsdag 16 juli 2014


I feel myself grow underneath your hands and you're not afraid, never afraid of what I can be. All we have is today. All that's ours is this night, in this house - on the verge of a city that is slowly becoming mine. All we have are these notes; this moment when we exist, quite simply - on a couch somewhere in England. Far away from all that is known, but yet, so very at home.

In a space between two beating hearts.

Giovanni Allevi – Aria - live

söndag 6 juli 2014


Some notes take you back. To a city so full of beauty, (the graceful ice queen of the Nordics); to nights, endless insomniac nights when life was so heavy it hurt to breathe without you. We walked the same streets still and you were everywhere, but I was invisible. And I prepared teacup after teacup of liquid I didn't end up drinking, I fried eggs and tomatoes that turned to ash in my mouth, I stared at the skyline - steeped in blood, thinking that I could never let go of all those words and sentences that shaped us. The notes don't hurt me anymore, darling.

But they are still yours...

Southern Shores – Grande Comore

London Boy

He says: I've been so happy since I met you.
He says: It scares me.
He says: Are you sure you're ready?

And I stutter. And I am filled with wonder and doubt. Because things are happening so fast now. I see no limits, only a blue endless sky and I'm shooting right up into it like a firecracker. There is no time (not ever) to look back. No space for slow. For too many thoughts. This is the time for decisions (without all the information accessible). This is the time for leaps of faith and trust and stepping of that ledge...

Thank you for being so very brave. Thank you for seeing all the beauty and color and all those little things we always try hide between the lines.

Let's fly now.

Joss Stone – Newborn

lördag 5 juli 2014


We are so very scared of anything ending. But in order to begin again, change and grow - things must come to an end, shaping a brand new beginning.

 The Naked And Famous – Young Blood

lördag 28 juni 2014


My summer night is scented with cherry beer. My summer night is scented with Marlboro lights and wine from a bag in a box covered with purple flowers. It explodes with guitar chords and laughter in meadows and rose fountains. It resonates with promises, all those little hopes that make up a life and beautiful, colorful dresses reminiscent of the rainbow. My summer night is white and its tune is light and delicate. Dawn wakes me gently with birdsong and fragile morning light and my city; filled to the brim with vivid life - streets framed with flowers and blossoms exploding, imploding, overtaking my field of vision. The ocean crashes in towards a shallow beach and the sand is warm and white as pearl. I'm enchanted by scents, by smiles and faces that pass me by - warmed by the sun; by ice-cold, pink ice cream and feet in summer-torn, happy ballerina shoes.

And I'm thinking that I'd like to stay here, in this very spot - for just a while.

The Naked And Famous – Hearts Like Ours

onsdag 25 juni 2014

Come on

Oyvind: It's troublesome because all of my friends are in relationships.
Me: Why is that troublesome?
Oyviud: Well, you guys can be difficult sometimes...
Me: What do you mean?
Oyvind: Women.
Me: OK?
Oyvind: You tend to like to tell us what to do.
Me: Really?
Oyvind: Yes, it's almost as if we have to ask your permission before we do anything.
Me: I'm afraid I don't agree.
Oyvind: Well, what do you think then?
Me: You don't want to know.
Oyvind: But I do.
Me: There is a very easy and quick solution to your issue.
Oyvind: What?
Me: Grow some balls!

tisdag 24 juni 2014

A course in Miracles

Electricity radiating from my fingertips, shooting through the air like projectiles into the humid morning.
Neutrons, protons and electrons; dancing - a force field all around me.
Colours; bright, ample, vivid - oozing through my veins and arteries - spilling out, splashing all over the pavement.
Rupturing the world as I know it.

In a before and after you.

Stromae – papaoutai

lördag 21 juni 2014

Light Warrior

You don't really look the way I thought you would. You're more radiant and free of structures. You gaze at me in between words and sentences and I can almost reach out and touch your intensity. Then you light your Benson's; I dive into your mind and you choose not to block me out even though you should. You are all those Nordic light-nights wrapped up into one. You are all that is white and shining and real and my heart simply knows that this time I might be right to risk all and take that drunken leap of faith. 

Patrick Watson – The Great Escape

lördag 14 juni 2014


I forget that I'm free sometimes. I forget that I have wings and that life is so vast that no wings are ever going to be enough. I forget about all I've seen, all the people who's hearts I've touched - my thought process becomes too small, like my skin is forcing my very bones to shrink.

But then I pick up my pen and my notepad and it all starts to make sense again.

Kenny Chesney – Beer In Mexico


I ran three miles today. And all I thought about was you. You know me, I don't believe in god, never did. But I do believe in faith. And in one single, united world - no boundaries. You taught me that. Gave me a new perspective. Dominated by one single word - love. Can you hear me? It doesn't get any better than that.

Across the globe and space and time.

I love you always.

Kenny Chesney – I Go Back